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Article: Introducing Enlighten, Where Clean Actives Meet Ayurveda

Introducing Enlighten, Where Clean Actives Meet Ayurveda

What is glycolic acid?


Glycolic acid is one of the most well-researched skincare ingredients that works to chemically exfoliate the skin. Glycolic acid is categorized as an AHA (alpha hydroxy acid), which are a group of naturally occurring fruit acids that are found in foods. These safe-for-skin acids help break through debris and dead skin on a cellular level. While there are many different types of AHAs, glycolic acid is said to be the most effective due to its small molecular size. This enhances the product's ability to penetrate the skin's surface and work its magic.

What does it do?

When glycolic acid penetrates the skin's surface, it works to ‘unglue’ the bonds that hold together dead skin cells at the outermost layer of the skin. If your skin ever feels rough, bumpy, dry or congested, glycolic acid will be your skin’s saving grace. It works to eliminate texture, prevent clogged pores, visibly soften fine lines, treat scarring and discoloration and helps to replenish hydration. Glycolic acid also regenerates collagen, which is responsible for your skin's elasticity, it thickens the epidermis and dermis, and evens out skin tone. We all know exfoliation is key to keeping your skin looking smooth, fresh, and healthy. Glycolic acid is a holy grail ingredient in skincare, and there isn’t much it can’t do for your complexion.

Is it natural?

Of course! Glycolic acid is derived from sugar cane, making it much more mild and gentle than other acids. Since it is plant-derived, it has botanical properties that further enhance its effectiveness. The best part about glycolic acid is its safety. It can be used daily without irritation, even on even sensitive skin types. There are two kinds of exfoliants. The first kind is mechanical, which uses a gritty texture to physically slough away dead skin cells, and then there are chemical exfoliants, which work on a cellular level to shed dead skin cells. The word chemical can seem intimidating, however this is actually a perfectly safe and natural means of exfoliating the skin.




Introducing Enlighten

 A main mission of our rebrand was to bring clean actives to your skincare regimen. For those days where nothing can seem to bring life back into your skin, we’ve got you covered. And no, you don’t need to go to a dermatologist to get an effective facial peel! We’ve formulated a glycolic acid mask with two things in mind: effectiveness and purity. Clean actives that will leave your skin looking and feeling renewed combined with hydrating and soothing Ayurvedic ingredients for a lit-from-within glow. Packed with a harmonious blend of glycolic acid and brightening Ayurvedic ingredients, Enlighten Retexturizing Glycolic Treatment is a powerhouse retexturizing mask that works to provide the skin with instant, visible results.


Let's Talk Ingredients


 The beautiful light pink hue of Enlighten can be attributed to rose water flower, an extremely hydrating and anti-inflammatory ingredient that our skin can’t seem to get enough of during these cold winter days. Antioxidant rich Hibiscus is added for a skin-firming effect, and red seaweed extract to help repair your skin's protective barrier function. Additional ingredients include some of our favorite Ayurvedic staples such as neem extract, turmeric, holy basil, and ivy gourd extract. Click here for more details about the importance of our ingredients, our suppliers, and Ayurveda.



What’s a self care routine without a face mask? Enlighten’s lightweight gel formula can be applied to the skin after cleansing and left on for 1-5 minutes. Upon application, a slight tingling sensation may occur. Don’t worry, this just means the glycolic acid is doing its job!

Although glycolic acid is safe to use on all skin types, we do recommend you spot test on a small area prior to application to ensure that your skin is not sensitive to it. Everyone’s skin is different, and we just want to make sure that you’re giving yours the love and care it deserves!

We love glycolic acid, and you will too!

We love glycolic acid because it is a tried and true ingredient that works some serious skincare magic. It’s no surprise that this is the most common acid found in anti-aging products and doctor’s office peels. 


Afterward, what can I put on? Do I need to put anything on after the mask?

Olga De La Rosa

Hi Kim,

Thanks for asking! Its .23% glycolic in Enlighten.

The M.S Skincare team

What is the percentage of glycolic acid in this product?
Thank you!!!

Kim L

Hi Elizabeth! Thanks for your questions. We recommend masking with Enlighten 1-3x per week. This will depend on your skin type and how often you feel that it needs a boost of gentle exfoliation. More sensitive skin types may opt for once a week while normal skin would be able to use more frequently. Test the product on a small area before applying to the entire face to see how your specific skin type reacts.

I hope this helps!

The MS Skincare Team

MS Skincare

This product sounds really. I’m curious about how often it should be used. Every day, every other day, or every few days? It sounds as if every day might be too often for something as active as glycolic acid.

Elizabeth Long

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