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Article: Going For Gold: The Beauty Benefits of Argan Oil

Going For Gold: The Beauty Benefits of Argan Oil

Bestowed the nickname ‘liquid gold,’ this amber-hued oil is known to be exquisitely healing and beautifying for the face, hair and body. It is an unparalleled elixir for enviable glamour and a certain must-have in your 2018 natural beauty collection.
Argan Oil, A History

Derived from the fruit of the argan tree, argan oil has reportedly been used for healing and beauty as far back as 600 BCE.
Abstracting argan oil is a laborious process. The argan nut--a nut considered sixteen times harder than a hazelnut--must be cracked, and the few precious kernels inside its casing are then gathered to be fashioned into oil. As a female-founded brand, we can’t help but note how essential women are to this process. Since immeasurable patience and skill are required to crack the nut without harming its kernels, this step has always been handled by women and, while much of the argan production process has largely been modernized over the years, this ever-so-delicate piece remains the same. To
this day, communities of Berber women sit together using stones as tools to crack every nut’s outer shell by hand. It is estimated that over 5000 women today are earning living wages practicing this arduous art and facilitating the production of this cosmetic treasure.
Besides its status as a coveted beauty product the world over, Argan oil is also the most expensive edible oil on the market.
Gold Standard Beauty
Argan oil undeniably sets the gold-standard in the natural beauty world, as it boasts an unparalleled array of beautifying properties. First, it is a supreme moisturizer for all skin types. A natural balancer, it reduces undesirable redness and inflammation and is uniquely healing in treating ailments such as eczema, psoriasis and winter weathered skin. Rich in vitamins A and E, omega 6 fatty acids, antioxidants, and linoleic acid, argan oil boosts cell production and improves skin elasticity. It naturally soothes and repairs damaged skin, brittle nails, cracked heels and chapped lips, while also providing nutrients to prevent further dryness. Moreover, argan oil boasts powerful anti-aging properties: it effectively reduces wrinkle visibility while eliciting a youthful, full-body natural glow.
Argan oil is also an expectant mama’s dream. Due to its wealth of vitamin E and moisture-enhancing properties, rubbing a few drops on the breasts, bum, stomach and thighs during pregnancy reduces the likelihood of post-pregnancy stretch marks. Argan oil is perfectly edible and non-toxic for the little one, too, making it a perfect postnatal moisturizer and oil for self-massage.
Finally, argan oil is gorgeously restorative and nourishing for the hair. It can be used both for deep conditioning and styling: an exquisite balm for repairing split ends, taming fly-aways, and an improved overall silkiness and smooth feel.
With only a few drops of argan oil in hand, you will be ready to take on any beauty challenge. Let the games begin.

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