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Article: The Ayurvedic Superfood That Radically Transforms Skin

The Ayurvedic Superfood That Radically Transforms Skin

According to Mind Body Green, Amla is one of the Seven Plant Based Ingredients you want to see in your skincare. But what exactly makes Amla the face oil to end all face oils for so many users? Read on to find out! 

What is Amla?

Amla Berry, known as Indian Gooseberry, is a fruit that has long been considered a master medicine in Ayurveda. According to Indian mythology, Amla came from the first tree to appear on Earth, manifested out of the tears of Brahma as he was meditating. The health benefits of this ancient and much revered superberry, can mostly be attributed to its high vitamin C content and its impressive antioxidant abilities, making it renown in India as the best among rejuvenative herbs both for health and beauty. 

Amla in Skincare

Amla is the first and foremost skin treatment in Ayurveda for slowing the visible signs of aging and promoting a glowing complexion. Antioxidant-rich Amla is unique from other oils due to its high amounts of vitamin C and tannins which simultaneously brighten, soften and improve overall skin quality while tightening pores and having a firming effect. The fruit is said to contain an ascorbic acid concentration 160-fold times that of apples. In addition to skin looking more nourished, the high tannin content in Amla makes skin appears smoother and more refined with regular use.

Amla in Haircare

Amla is also widely used and recommended for improving hair and scalp health. The essential fatty acids in Amla oil condition the scalp, strengthen hair follicles and boost hair luster. The Vitamin C in Amla is said to stop premature graying. What makes Amla an indispensible component of hair care is its high iron content and the presence of potent antioxidants; its gallic acid and carotene content improves blood circulation around the scalp thereby stimulating hair growth, prevent hair loss and boosting volume.

Uses of Amla

Amla oil can be used to moisturize, cleanse and treat hyperpigmentation of the skin.  It’s magnificent on its own, but, also works wonders when layered with other oils or moisturizers.

This booster oil can also be mixed in with loose clay masks to further enhance the treatment of the mask. For the hair, Amla can be applied directly to hair and scalp either by itself or mixed with other carrier oils like coconut oil for a nourishing hair treatment. 


You can find Amla in its pure cold-pressed form as one of our Booster oils and because of its firming and brightening effects, we also included it in our body oil formulations. Lastly, since Amla is known to promote hair growth and prevent hair loss, you can also find it in our Highbrow brow enhancing serum. Everything on sale now for the holidays!







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Would love to try a sample of your product.

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