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I grew up in NYC completely obsessed with fashion and beauty. After reading 10,001 copies of magazines like Vogue, Seventeen, Sassy (if you know, you know) it surprised absolutely no one when I ended up at FIT to study fashion design.  I spent a fabulous decade as a fashion designer before I started to feel restless - like there was something more I needed to explore.  This led to travel, to wandering, to trying my hand at a lot of different creative outlets, as well as outlets for my growing need for mindful living practices.

During this period of time (which spanned a couple of years) I became a certified yoga teacher, a licensed herbalist, and a licensed esthetician. I also reconnected with my Indian heritage by wholeheartedly immersing myself in the Ayurvedic principles my parents had raised me with.  

While being an esthetician at top New York spas kept me busy, I found myself making Ayurvedic and herbal skincare concoctions at home for friends and family.  For me, it wasn’t solely about the skin, it was a broader, holistic approach. A synergy that included both wholesome, potent ingredients (that I couldn’t find anywhere else!) as well as a return to rituals that honored body, mind, and spirit.

I didn’t set out to start a business. It just was a natural unfolding of who I was becoming at that time - the apex of which became M.S Skincare.