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Article: Our Fight for Clean Beauty

Our Fight for Clean Beauty

At M.S Skincare, we take sustainability seriously. Clean beauty is not just a movement. Clean beauty is a return to simplicity, a lifestyle, and an embodiment of modern-day culture. We have no choice but to source sustainably, make purchases mindfully, and live our lives with our home planet at the forefront of our decision making. As a brand and as a consumer, we must attend to our responsibility to care for our planet together. We use real all-natural ingredients in all our products and won’t compromise on quality. We understand the unique power of plants and herbs in wellness and want everyone to have access to natural, clean elements to live healthy, happy lives. With climate change and irresponsible laws harming our environment, the need to source sustainably and support the health of the earth is as important as ever.

That’s why we love climate advocates like the trailblazing Dr. Vandana Shiva, an environmental activist, ecofeminist and food sovereignty advocate. Dr. Shiva fights for biodiversity and seed freedom (denying corporate patents on natural substances), and against the traditionally Western, narrow patriarchal view of climate activism. 

Another climate hero of ours is the young Greta Thunberg, who at 15, skipped school to demonstrate outside the Swedish parliament against their ineffective action on preventing further climate change. She strives to ensure a clean planet for current and future generations and has inspired countless young people the world over to be engaged in politics and grass-roots activism. 

We continue to be inspired by these women and so many others who are fighting for every person’s right to clean air, food, and water. We can’t imagine a world without the opportunity for plant growth, and by extension our own. We are an indelible part of the world and need to protect protect it at all costs. 

Here is a list of books and films that we can’t live without:

Ecofeminism, Dr. Shiva 

The Violence of the Green Revolution, Dr. Shiva

Vedic Ecology, by Ranchor Prime

Deconstructing Supper: Is Your Food Safe?

Dirt! The Movie  

Blue Gold: World Water Wars 

Flow: For Love of Water 

On Thin Ice

Fed Up! 

Queen of the Sun 

Related selections:

Seeds of Death: Unveiling the Lies of GMOs

Poverty Inc.

The True Cost


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