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Article: Skincare Therapy: Your Top Questions Answered By An Esthetician

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Skincare Therapy: Your Top Questions Answered By An Esthetician

M.S Skincare was built from the ground up by top New York City esthetician, Anit Hora. It was here where she applied her knowledge of herbal remedies and practiced her love for all things skincare, wellness and beauty. Feeling inspired and confident in her ability to heal and treat skin naturally, Anit hit the market with her own expert formulations. Every ingredient and formulation has been carefully curated ever since for effective, deep results.

There’s a ton of advice out there on skincare and wellness, but it’s hard to know who exactly to trust. We’ve opened up the conversation on our social media to answer your most pressing questions about all things skincare, wellness, and health. We’ve chosen the top 5 most highly requested questions from you, our loyal customers. Thank you to everyone who submitted questions and make sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Ask the Esthetician:

Q:  Julie N. Asked: Hi there, my name is Julie. I have been seeing, reading, hearing all about cbd infused skincare products. How is CBD relevant to skincare? And what are things we as consumers look for on the packaging, ingredients, results etc? Thank you for your time, Julie.

Not surprisingly, this question has to be #1 because CBD is in fact everywhere these days.  Even my local cafe offers a CBD latte and don’t be surprised if eventually Starbucks follows suit in a few years.  Research on this versatile ingredient is still developing and has been slow to hit the market because of the fact that it’s derived from cannabis. Because of this, it’s also been unnecessarily mired in controversy. But let’s be clear about this and get it out of the way before we talk about anything else- CBD will not get you high. CBD oil is in fact a wonderful natural remedy and, at the very least, rightly deserves to continue being researched so that its benefits and capacity can be fully understood.  

CBD oil is not the same as hemp oil, so be weary when you check ingredient labels. CBD is more richly concentrated in cannabidiol than hemp oil and therefore has more healing benefits. In terms of skincare, it’s best known for its anti-inflammatory an skin-normalizing properties, which is why you’re seeing it introduced into more skincare products recently. These properties can help especially with acne-prone skin because it is known to help soothe redness, inflammation and irritation. Another interesting property of CBD oil is its abundance of antioxidants, which are widely used in skincare to fight fine lines and wrinkles. CBD infused products may be able to help reduce wrinkles and dullness in the skin.

Research is still being conducted on CBD oil since it is a relatively new ingredient to the market, so we should expect more in-depth and long-term studies in the future. For now, it’s relatively safe to say that this promising ingredient does hold benefits for the skin and we can expect more and more brands to hop onto the trend.  

Q: Kayla Y. asked: My biggest problems are uneven skin tone, some visible pores and my skin is dull. I’ve tried a few products but they were inexpensive and bought from my local drug store. I just want products that will leave my skin glowing and healthy.

When it comes to dull skin, hydration is really the key. Even if your skin doesn’t feel dry, it may still be dehydrated and in need of replenishment.  Hydration provides key resources to keeping your skin looking and feeling healthy. It will help protect the skin from harmful environmental factors, leaving it less susceptible to irritation or skin problems. When your skin is well-hydrated, your protective barrier remains in tact. Unfortunately when it is broken, it can cause a cyclical spiral of dehydration, patchiness, dullness and possibly even acne. I find that oil does the best job at protecting skin from environmental stressors as well as locking in hydration. After I wash my face and while my skin is still slightly damp, I like to gently pat oil onto my skin. For oiler skin types, I recommend the double-cleansing method. This way, you can use oil on your skin without keeping it on all day long. Read more about double cleansing here.


Uneven skin tone is a tough one to fix, especially if you’re looking for quick results. But with a little bit of patience and consistency, it can be achieved! I recommend using light acids or enzymes because they speed up your skin cells turnover process. This process essentially sheds dead skin cells and unveils the newer, more fresh skin underneath. When your skin cells are shedding more frequently, the opportunity for wounds or imperfections to heal increases. I am actually so glad you asked me this question, because we have something in the works to target this exact skin concern. It features one of my favorite all-star acids, Glycolic Acid. More information coming soon…



Q: Mary M. asked: It’s getting harder as I age to care for my skin. I’m 44, dry and oily w some hormonal acne. Zits at 44 not cute! You have to take your pick usually with brands- treat acne or treat dry aging skin. What’s a lady to do?

Great question Mary! Pimples can be pesky, but hey, life happens! We all get them throughout our lives irrespective of age due to hormones, our lifestyles, and environmental stressors among all else. When it comes to acnegenic skin, I always opt for hydrating products over harsh, drying products. I know we’ve been taught since we were teens that to get rid of acne we need to dry out our skin, but that simply makes the problem worse. Dryness leaves your skin susceptible to more bacteria and toxins, which can leave your battle with acne in a frustrating cycle. A solid cleansing routine can make or break the way your skin reacts, especially when you have combination skin. You may opt to wash your face both in the morning or night, or just once a day. The key is to ensure your skin doesn’t feel tight or stripped after cleansing and to replenish hydration levels once cleansed. A lightweight moisturizing cream would be your best bet, because it will provide just the right amount of hydration without being too heavy. To treat breakouts, I like to cleanse, spot treat using Jaipur, then moisturize using Illume, which features rosewater, jojoba oil, neem, and turmeric to hydrate and brighten the skin. Remember that the road to ‘perfect’ skin is not a clear path, and unless you’re a photoshop pro, no one has perfect skin! Flaunt what you’ve got, because it's absolutely beautiful!


Q: Lori S. Asked: My biggest issue is texture and pigmentation, as I age my skin doesn’t “bounce back” like it used to. I need something to strengthen my skin and to improve the texture of old scars.

A: Sometimes the time it takes for your skin to heal and bounce back from any imperfections is more than we anticipate. This is due to your skin cells turnover rate. Your skin may simply take longer to renew itself and heal from hyperpigmentation or scars. Fortunately, there are ways to speed up the process naturally! I use our Jaipur Enzyme Mask at least twice a week to help speed up my skin's healing process. Enzyme exfoliation is a type of chemical exfoliation that is much more gentle than typical AHAs or acids. It sounds intimidating at first, but this method of exfoliation is actually much more efficient than gritty textured physical exfoliants that can scratch or damage the skin's surface if you don’t use the right products or if you lack the proper technique. Basically, these enzymes work the same way acids do to speed up your skin's natural exfoliation and turnover process, leaving your skin feeling soft, smooth and renewed. Another really important step that is not to be missed is hydration. Whether its with an oil or a light moisturizer like Illume, moisturizing is a critical step in repairing your skin’s protective barrier and keeping your skin looking supple and plump. The health of your skin relies on your protective barrier, so pay close attention to your skin’s moisture levels.


Q: @Circularsmiles: Are the vitamins/minerals that benefit your skin more beneficial for you when ingested (tablets/tinctures/whole foods) or when dermally absorbed (tinctures/sprays/lotions) or do we need both?

This is an interesting question and hard to answer with any finality because every body works so differently.  It sounds to me like you’re someone who would benefit from a holistic approach to your wellness. Our baseline ethos here stems from the science of Ayurveda which is the practice of holistic (whole-body) health and wellness. The concept is that optimal health and wellness depends on the balance between mind, body and spirit. With that being said, I definitely believe that both topical products and ingestibles are essential for a well-rounded wellness routine. Even if the ingested products are not meant to benefit your skin directly, they could impact other body functions in a positive way. Perhaps stress causes you to break out, but performing anti-stress Ayurvedic rituals can help you de-escalate this stress and therefore improve your skin. Eating well for your dosha, exercising, mindfulness, and all things Ayurveda can keep your skin and your body healthy. A well rounded approach is always best.  

For instance, turmeric, which is was also such a popular question amongst you all that it will probably get a blog post on its own, is highly beneficial when taken internally and applied topically. Because of my Indian heritage, I grew up with turmeric as a natural part of my diet and my skincare routine. You can find it several of our products, including our Mantra face wash, Jaipur Enzyme Treatment and Illume moisturizer. But turmeric is just one such example. Just keep your approach holistic and keep an eye out for that turmeric blog soon!

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