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Are you cruelty free? 
Yes, we are 100% cruelty free and are Leaping Bunny certified.   

How long do your products last? What is the shelf life?
Because our products are truly all-natural we do not add any synthetic preservatives. Our products do have a shelf life of about 1 year. Shelf life can be extended the best by storing our products away from sunlight and in a cool, dry place. We also add tocopherols (Vitamin E) in our oils to help extend the life and slow oxidation.  

Where do you get your supplies?
We source our raw ingredients from many locations. We love using local suppliers when possible and only work with cruelty-free and ethical suppliers. All of our suppliers and packaging is sourced from American Companies. 

Why does my product look different from the last time I purchased it? 
We use all natural raw ingredients and all products are made by hand in small batches.  Our products do not contain any added scents, preservatives, deodorizers or colorants to enhance the product in any way.  With natural, unadulterated products made in small batches, its completely normal that there will be slight variances in color or appearance.   Rest assured that even with these slight differences the products themselves are not affected and are still just as effective and potent.