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Article: The Truth about Rosewater

The Truth about Rosewater

Roses have a long history of being symbolic of love, nobility and sacrality. A gesture of love and beauty when gifted, roses are jaw-droppingly stunning in and of themselves. When used cosmetically, you get a beautifying elixir that provides intense hydration and nourishment. Misting your dehydrated skin with real rosewater feels as decadent as a freshly cut bouquet of roses unfolding their sweet, aromatic scent.
It’s no surprise why the internet has fallen in love with this ingredient and many have added it as a staple to their skincare routines. However, the typical rosewater you find in abundance on beauty shelves and online (generally marketed as toners or setting sprays) are formulated using water infused with rose fragrance oils. They may also contain filler ingredients or synthetic preservatives that may cause more harm than good. Either way, most rosewater you find on the market today isn't the real McCoy (as in water made from actual rose petals) but is instead a diluted version of the real thing.
Real Rose water is made by distilling rose petals to produce Rose Hydrosol and its rose hydrosol that actually makes a difference in your skin. Since rose is such a delicate yet powerful ingredient, you want your skin to absorb the most from its healing and hydrating potentials and unlike standard rose waters, rose hydrosols are produced for quality and are more likely to retain their natural vitamins, minerals and scent. This is because the rosewater is steam distilled directly from thousands of hand-picked rose petals, as opposed to the less authentic method of adding rose essential oil to water. This process, although expensive and labor intensive, ensures the highest quality and benefits because the rose petals contain nutritious juices and pure rose oil. The juices have a range of therapeutic benefits due to the presence of water soluble active ingredients.

The second of three rose ingredients present in our rosewater is Rose Otto, a cherished oil in the skincare world. It is not only known for its multitude of skin benefits, it is also used for aromatherapy, as it uplifts the heart and opens pathways for people who suffer from anxiety and depression. It takes 60 roses to make a single drop of this precious oil, and 10,000 to fill just a small 5ml bottle. Rose geranium, the third and final oil, compliments Rose Otto and Rose Hydrosol with its beautifying properties. This oil helps unclog pores, promote a youthful glow, and promote shiny hair. This exquisite, seductive, and feminine trifecta of rose makes this hydrating toner truly fit for a queen.
Our Rose Mist, has been getting a lot of love these days. Using our products for multi-purpose self care routines is kind of our jam, but this little trick came straight from you guys-- people are using this fine mist as a hair perfume. Its deep, natural scent provides an excellent refreshment for your hair. It is also a safer alternative to products that may be heavier and contain non-organic, unnatural chemicals that may be stripping your hair of its natural luster. Rose hydrosol is lightweight, long lasting, and of course-- all natural.
Rose Hydrosol is also the base of our Illume Radiance Enhancing Moisturizer, made to complement the Sofia rose mist.  The two are ideally paired together as in the Royal Rose Moisturizing Duo since it's ideal to spritz mist onto the skin and apply your moisturizer onto damp skin. The result is sheer luminosity and a healthy glow. Rose acts similarly on the hair as it does the skin, providing deep hydration and luster. Rose hydrosol is more potent than traditional rose waters, so its unique, heavenly scent will coat your hair in an essence of pure roses and last all day long. Watch heads turn as your lustrous hair wisps through the wind, leaving behind a scent as pure as a field of fresh roses.

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