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Article: Top 5 Skincare Trends of 2019


Top 5 Skincare Trends of 2019

Trends in skincare come and go but there are few that have been culminating for a while and will really see their peak in 2019 and beyond.  As brands and formulators continue to take the industry forward with new innovations and techniques, the 2019 consumer is ever more savvy and knowledgeable alongside.   Its easy to get sucked in to the latest ‘viral’ trends, but the below is a list of the heavy hitters that aren’t going away anytime soon.

Body Care

Of course, body care isn’t anything new.  Body lotions and creams have been around forever.  But in the past, the most attention we gave the skin on our bodies came in the form of tanning (or not) and slathering on moisturizer during the winter months.  These days the skin on your body has taken on a new level of attention.  Besides tanners, moisturizers, we’ve upped the ante with body highlighters, gentle exfoliators for all over use, skin firming and tightening products exclusively for body use and 2019 will see the use of fillers (yes, the injectable kinds we’ve seen all over faces and lips) on hands that are beginning to show the signs of age.  The skin on your body is going to have many options this year to look nourished, firm and glowing. 


Since we’re talking about bodies anyway, it only makes sense to discuss supplements.  Most of us grew up with the idea of vitamins and supplements to support our health, but these days, more and more supplements are coming out to specifically target your beauty concerns.  From elixirs, powders to straight up pills, there’s a beauty supplement to address everything from skin health, to hair & nail growth.  These kinds of supplements have been around for a while, but this year the competition continues to grow as the market becomes saturated with options that promise to deliver the latest “it” ingredients in beauty. 

Expert Backed

On the surface of it, it seems that brand loyalty is a thing of the past.  It used to be that every woman had one, or a handful of companies that she trusted with her skincare needs.  If that company launched a new product, there was faith that this product met a certain standard of quality that the consumer could trust.  These days, savvy consumers are not ready to just take things at face value.  They want to know who is behind their skincare, what the ethos is behind the brand and what makes a particular brand an expert.  Don’t get me wrong, the giant corporations aren’t going anywhere, but they’re definitely taking note of the increasing popularity of brands with skin-care experts formulating their products, such as dermatologists, estheticians. Interestingly enough, the cosmetic industry is seeing a parallel, as makeup brands founded by actual MUA’s are seeing immense growth in 2019.  Basically, people want to know that passion, knowledge and interest is behind their product and not just an anonymous lab coat. 


When K-Beauty took the skincare industry by storm, 10 step routines became the new normal.  Although K-Beauty isn’t going anywhere, the routines are becoming simpler and more streamlined.  We all love to pamper ourselves with a bunch of products every once in awhile, but an over-complicated routine can actually be damaging to the skin barrier. As consumers become more sophisticated about ingredients, the 2019 focus on quality will lead to fewer overall purchases, and a greater focus on simple, effective formulas to get the job done. 


 Transparency has been many years in the making and isn’t slowing down anytime soon.  It’s not exclusive to the skincare industry, either.  From clothing brands to food companies and everything in between, one of the effects of social media presence and accessibility of brand culture is that transparency is quickly becoming the standard.  As wellness continues to take precedence in the way we approach every aspect of our lives, we want the brands we purchase from to be a part of that.  As our culture evolves toward a more holistic approach not just towards our health, but our work lives, our relationships, we as consumers want to know that the companies we’re supporting are adding that value back in the world by their operating ethos.  2019 is all about synergy across all facets of our lives- and we’re really into it!

We want to know what your most pressing skincare concerns are for 2019. Let us know by either leaving a comment below, writing us an email at or sending a message on Instagram. The top 5 questions will be featured in a future blog and the winners will receive a $25 gift certificate you can use towards your 2019 glowing skin goals!


would love to win thanks

Stephanie Taphouse

My biggest problems are uneven skin tone, some visible pores and my skin is dull. I’ve tried a few products but they were inexpensive and bought from my local drug store. I just want products that will leave my skin glowing and healthy.

Kayla Yost

Best products for Arizona


It’s getting harder as I age to care for my skin. I’m 44, dry and oily w some hormonal acne. Zits at 44 not cute! You have to take your pick usually w brands- treat acne or treat dry aging skin. What’s a lady to do?

Mary Moore

My biggest issue is texture and pigmentation, as I age my skin doesn’t “bounce back” like it used to. I need something to strengthen my skin and to improve the texture of old scars.

Lori Sutton

I am battling with rosacea and would like to know the top products for soothing very dry sensitive skin to improve the lipid barrier as well as the top serums and anti-redness products. Thanks!

Amy McBride

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