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Article: A Letter from Our Founder, Anit

A Letter from Our Founder, Anit

anit hora founder of ms skincare

Ayurveda - the philosophy we’ve built our brand around - is the ancient science and ritual of balance. While we love reaching out to you for all things skincare and positive vibes, we sometimes have hard truths to share, and in the spirit of balance and transparency, we want to keep our customers informed of the why behind our decisions. 

As of October 17th, 2022 we will be increasing the minimum order requirement for free shipping from $50 to $70, as well as increasing the prices of our Amla Booster Oil, Ritual Clay Mask and Santal Enzyme Cleansing Powder by 14%

Mullein and Sparrow (as we were called once upon a time) started in my apartment in Brooklyn back in 2012. It was my dream and my passion, and it still is. In the years since we started and then grew into what is now MS Skincare, competition in the clean beauty space has become fierce. Celebrities (ahem, Brad Pitt) are encroaching on our long-fought territory and taking up market space. Larger firms buy up small brands left and right, drowning out homegrown talent, and the state of the world’s economy and supply chains are….murky at best. 

Even with all of these challenges, we’ve managed to weather a pandemic and keep our prices down for a very long time and we’re still here, making products inspired by the rituals of Ayurveda that are seriously life-changing for the skin! We thank you so much for your support over the years. 

We pride ourselves on sourcing the best ingredients from ethical suppliers, and the prices for these raw ingredients, as well as shipping them to our facilities and to you, our customers, have risen as much as 50-100% or more in some cases.  

To lock in our current prices, shop now and set up a subscription on your favorite products before October 16th at 11:59pm ET and you’ll keep the current (already discounted) pricing until you cancel your subscription. Or, just stock up on one-time products before we update them on October 17th. 

If you have any questions or feedback, please reply to this email and we will be so happy to help you! Thank you for your support and your understanding!

With love,

Anit Hora

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