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Article: Hydration to Detox: The Key to a JUICY summer

Hydration to Detox: The Key to a JUICY summer

We’ve all been there- it’s 5pm, you just got done with work and you realize you haven’t drank any water all day. You spend the rest of the evening trying to play catch-up, taking in as much water as possible. But if you’ve ever experienced a “good” water-drinking day, where you’re drinking consistently throughout the day (maybe taking a few too many bathroom breaks in between), you know that you genuinely feel good all day long.

Cultivating balance is one of the fundamental principles of Ayurveda, so it comes as no surprise that there is an Ayurvedic recipe for optimal hydration in the body. If you’re looking to feel less fatigued, more focused and more energized, look no further than H2O.


 How much water should I drink in a day?

According to Ayurvedic practices, you should drink about half a cup of room temperature water every hour. Depending on your dosha, you may need up to one cup of water an hour. Learn more about your dosha type here.



Don’t Chug, Just Sip

Your water should be sipped routinely throughout the day. Water is cleansing and detoxifying, and if it is constantly flowing through your body, it will help wash away impurities and nourish your body. But when over-consumed, you may lose electrolytes and therefore lose adequate hydration. You may also feel bloated and heavy, which can overburden digestive organs. This is another key reason for sipping water throughout the day.


Temperature Matters

Ice cold water is not recommended as it inhibits your digestive fire and may lead to disrupted digestion of your food. Instead, opt for room temperature or warm water.









Hot water may be consumed in the morning when you wake up or at night before bed. I prefer to begin my morning with a hot cup of water with freshly squeezed lemon. Lemon is detoxifying inside the body and the warm water helps activate your digestive fire, which is typically quite gentle in the morning. At night, opt for a non-stimulating tea, like chamomile or lavender, to wind down and prepare your body for rest.


Be Mindful of Single Use Plastics

It’s too easy to grab a water bottle on the go or use a single use plastic cup. Remember to bring a reusable water bottle wherever you go. This not only encourages you to refill wherever you go, but it also eliminates the use of unnecessary plastics. In Ayurveda, the use of copper vessels to drink water is quite common. It's believed that the copper vessel imparts healthful properties to the water and is highly balancing for the body.

Topicals Count Too

Dehydration can be felt from the inside-out. Dry, flaky skin is not ideal for the glowing goddess vibe that we are going for during the summer. It’s body oil season and we can’t get enough of it, especially after spending a day in the sun. Body Oil helps protect the skin from losing essential hydration and protects skin from harsh effect of the sun. By locking moisture in, your skin will hold the essential moisture it needs to look balanced and healthy.


Water may not be the cure-all for everything, but one thing is for sure--If you take care of your body and fulfill its essential needs, you will lead a healthier lifestyle. With the guidance of Ayurvedic wisdom, we can help create balance within our bodies. Now, go and drink more water!

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