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Article: The K-Beauty hack that will change the way you wash your face

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The K-Beauty hack that will change the way you wash your face

Here’s how oil cleansing works:
Oil cleansers will dissolve away other oil-based impurities such as SPF, makeup, sebum, and pollutants. You then follow up with a water-based cleanser, which will help break down and clean away dirt and grime. Each cleanser serves a specific purpose to ensure that your skin is getting the deep clean that it needs, without stripping or over-drying the skin's moisture barrier.
Why choose double-cleansing over traditional methods?
Your nighttime routine should always start by removing your makeup -- no excuses! Most normal cleansers do not work as a makeup remover, so it is essential to remove your makeup prior to using your cleanser. Oil Cleansing is a gentle alternative for other makeup removing methods, such as makeup wipes, which can tug at the delicate skin on your face and eyes.
Why not use plain coconut oil?
Although coconut oil seems like a cure-all for skin ailments, this oil actually has a high comedogenic rating of 4, meaning that it is likely to clog your pores. We carefully chose a blend of hazelnut oil (2), black cumin oil (1), and castor oil (1) for our cleansing oil specifically because of their low-comedogenic rating, making them safe to use -- even on acne-prone/oily skin.
We recommend gently massaging our  Cleansing Oil ( a must have product according to The Coveteur) onto your face and rinsing with lukewarm water. Alternatively, if you have oily skin and prefer less hydration, you can take a moist washcloth and gently wipe away the oil and residue. Follow up with our Skin Perfecting Face Wash as your final cleansing step. Your skin will then be ready to absorb all of the goodness from your serums and moisturizers!

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