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Article: An Offbeat Life: Wanderlust, Self Growth & Podcasts!

An Offbeat Life: Wanderlust, Self Growth & Podcasts!

Recently, I had the pleasure of joining The Offbeat Life Podcast for an episode all about being a female solo traveler.  After working in a comfortable and stable corporate setting for years, it was time to disrupt my life for adventure and self growth.  While it was admittedly a bit scary to work up the courage, taking that one leap changed my trajectory completely. Solo-travel allowed me the privilege of truly exploring both the world and who I was becoming as a woman. This exploration is what uncovered my inner herbalist and inspired me to become an entrepreneur and expand my career into beauty and wellness.

Traveling remains an important aspect of my life, and I try to take trips as often as my schedule allows. If you or someone you know is curious about travel, check out the podcast here and show notes can be found here.  I hope my story inspires you to experience solo travel at least once in your lifetime...You never know what kind of changes it will spark in your life!

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